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Dr. Faisal Awartani

CEO of Alpha International for Research Polling and informatics

Dr. Faisal Awartani is the founder and CEO of Alpha international for research polling and informatic.
Dr. Awartani’s main focus areas are : a) Enhancing public opinion polling methodologies in Palestine and the region b) Development of predictive analytics models for both private and public sector organizations c) Promoting data driven decision making at various levels d) Studying the effect of the 4th industrial revolution on labor markets.

Dr. Awartani earned his PhD in Statistics from American University in Washington, DC (1993), his master’s degree in Computer Science from American University in Washington, DC (1988), and a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Birzeit University, Palestine (1986).

Dr. Awartani is highly experienced in designing and implementing data audit for organizations, data analytics projects, market research, socio-economic studies, monitoring and evaluation projects. Over the course of his career, Dr. Awartani supervised more than 200 projects in relation to market research, data analysis, policy analysis, reform studies, socio-economic studies, monitoring and evaluation. These projects covered areas in education, health, social political systems, economic development, local government, performance assessment, customer satisfaction and policy analysis for both public and private sector institutions. At the geographic level, Dr. Awartani worked on projects that covered Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

At the academic level Dr. Awartani taught at various local and international universities such as Birzeit university, Arab American university of Palestine and American university in Washington DC, USA. Dr. Awartani contributed to the establishment of the masters program in applied statistics at Birzeit university and the masters program in Data Science at Arab American University of Palestine.